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We remember quite vividly the days when we were young and school was cancelled because of snow.

Oh the anticipation of getting all bundled up and warm, to go flying out the door to meet with the neighborhood kids to make snowmen, build snow forts, belt each other with snow balls, do some sledding…and then it would be lunch time; hot soup and hot cocoa.

Afternoons were for watching television, wrapped with a warm blanket while the fire in the fireplace heated us all up…

Then one day we were adults and there really wasn’t a snow day. Now we take mental health days.

It’s the same concept except we aren’t playing in the snow.

A mindless day of ignoring texts, emails, social media…yes even social media.

Every once in a while we must unplug to recharge ourselves. Media has become a giant part of our days and our lives, at times way too much information passes through without giving us time to pause and process.

Information overload can cause overreactions and brain drain. When this happens, we have learned we need to shut down, turn off, and tune it all out and just veg.

That’s it…veg.

Take a snow day even it’s not snowing outside.

Binge watch a television show, watch a movie you have wanted to watch for months, take a walk, go to the woods or to the beach or to a downtown.

Don’t check-in, don’t tell anyone where you are, just be…unplug, turn off, get lost in your self…in your kid self.

And guess what? All of it, life’s responsibilities, will be there when you turn it back on again but you will be refreshed and ready to go.

The best advice is from the most famous “day off” advocate, Ferris Bueller.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

So take the day, we won’t mind.

Relax & unwind.

And then get back to your regularly-scheduled life,

And social media marketing expertise from us.

Happy vegging!


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