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It’s a New Year and I am ready to plan my editorial calendars for my clients.

With that, there are a few questions I ask myself:

  • What are the goals we are trying to accomplish?
  • What are the metrics?
  • The demographics?
  • The analytics we are striving to achieve?

What once was will be again

I remember back to when social media was just that – social. Sharing photos or announcements On (dare I say) MySpace and eventually Facebook. It was quite literally about one’s life.

Fast forward as Facebook has evolved and additional social applications were developed. Now our phones and other digital devices are overwhelmed with icons that we press and instantly the world is at our fingertips.

Both literally and figuratively.

Businesses then began to realize in order to remain relevant to their customers and their audience, they too had to join. “Social” media has become a numbers game of analytics and engagements and shares and comments.

Great information if you’re a social media manager. But…what happened to the fun?

Without those wonderful analytics even telling me, I know certain types of posts get more interactions. Put up a sunrise or sunset and wow! Something with nature or pets or a cute baby and it’s unbelievable how many interactions you get.

Or, is it? Is it that unbelievable?

As I continue to plan, I remember that social media CAN be fun. In fact, it should be.

In between the messages, the content that needs to go out, there can be “relief” posts. Ones that take a follower where they want to be. An escape.

A moment of laughter.

A smile or one that brings back a positive memory.

We need these types of social media posts to remind ourselves there is a world outside of a selfie or other photo op.

Therefore, my 2017 resolution is to add more life to my posts – to capture a moment to that transport a follower to their “happy place”.

Remember that, “A smile is so powerful it can change the mood of a group of people without a word” (Lee Wilcox).

It is, in fact, social media we’re talking about. Right?


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